CPOY Judging

I was out of town this weekend so I went on the College Photographer of the Year website and watched some of the judging screencasts. The judging session I will be discussing is the finals of the general news category.

Judging these photographs would be very hard. They were all incredible. There were many categories of photos, yet even within each category (specifically general news) the images were so different. Each had its own twist. This adds to the difficulty of judging, and that was one of the things the judges talked about. They all fairly quickly agreed on the first place photo, and mostly agreed on the second place photo, but they were really torn between two photos for bronze. Each were quite different, and one the judges asked the others, “well do you want an apple or an orange.”

Some things they talked about in the photos were complexity, levels, and camera awareness. Camera awareness isn’t something I had ever thought of before. One of the images was of a bunch of people in a theater of some sort. Some of the judges seemed to like the image of funeral because it seemed more “natural” but because people in the theater were looking at different things and in different places some said it was a more complex image and thus should receive bronze.

My favorite image of the category was the black lives matter one that received silver. I personally liked that one better than the image of the Donald Trump rally that won gold.

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