What I Learned in Audio

Before this class, I was indifferent about audio. Growing up I enjoyed listening to public radio with my dad on the way home from school, but once I started driving myself places I switched from NPR to whatever pop music station was playing my jams. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this unit. I imagined it may be my least favorite of the three units, but I was very surprised. I never realized how much goes into making an audio piece. I enjoyed learning about how to set a scene with audio. It was fun collecting ambient and natural sounds for my projects and then putting those together with my interviews to create something very cool.

Mainly this unit has changed the way I listen to things. Now when I enter a room or new space I really try to listen for all the things I can hear rather than immediately block it all out like I used to. I have a whole new appreciation for what goes into audio production. There are so many things to consider when collecting audio and when editing it.

I don’t see myself going into audio, but I definitely liked it and found it more exciting than I thought I would. I think doing this unit after already having done the video unit made it easier. It was so nice to be able to focus on one thing and not worry about collecting good video in addition to audio. As far as what could make this class more useful to me, I’m not sure, I already found each class quite useful. I thought that going over our rough drafts in class was very helpful and I learned a lot from that. I also learned a lot when we listened to different audio pieces and broke them down identifying ambient sound, natural sound, etc. and going over how they all worked together to set the scene and tell the story. Going over audition in class multiple times and having specific questions about audition answered also helped a lot with my projects. To make this class more useful to me I probably could have made more of an effort to listen to more audio pieces outside of class. Overall I had a very positive experience with audio and I’m happy with my time spent in this unit.

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