Audio Postcard Reflection

My interviews for the audio postcard went well overall. For my postcard and NPR style project I interviewed three people in total. The first interview I conducted was with a girl on the triathlon team after one of the team’s swim practices. It was about 9:30 pm and she was EXHAUSTED. The interview was not the best because her exhaustion reflected in her voice and in her answers. After the interview she told me that I could interview her again if needed, not right after she had just worked out if the interview wasn’t what I was looking for. I listened to the audio the next day and decided that I would try again with her. This time I interviewed her before practice and the difference was amazing, she had so much more energy in the second interview.

Another issue I encountered when interviewing one of my subjects was an issue with the mic. I was holding the mic well, but then after I started asking him questions he got really close to the mic and was talking down into it, so I tried to adjust it without seeming too abrupt or rude.

When I was listening to my subjects I made sure to not give verbal feedback, but made eye contact with them and would nod my head or use my facial expressions to give feedback. I also used the silence trick to try and get them to say more. In the future, I would try to be more engaging, there were a couple times where I noticed I wasn’t looking at my subject anymore, I was listening to what they were saying and thinking about it, but for some reason my gaze drifted away from them.

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